Friday, Jan 11th, 2013
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by Iv0ryW0lf

The first SAHA! meeting of the new year was quite impressive.  From sinister brain waves to mobile mayhem, there were presentations for all.  Since we don’t like waiting forever to post, we will give highlights of the meeting and post slides or sample code as it comes available.


We started off the evening waiting for Domino’s to deliver 8 pizzas @ 6 PM before we officially began at 7 PM.  No pizza.  We called several times and got the “the driver is on his way” response.  No pizza.  Then we called and we were told that he was there and couldn’t get hold of us.  He had the wrong number…NO PIZZA!  Now it’s 8 PM and we call for the last time.  Now we were told “the delivery was made and signed for”…WTF!  NOOOO PIZZZZZZA!  Alright…enough about that.


Until we receive names or aliases of the presenters, we will call them prez_1, prez_2, etc.  We will edit after the names come in.

  • Vesh:  Opened with Who We Are…SAHA! Introduction
  • David Lister:  Discussed Cassandra NOSQL database security.  (
  • Iv0ryW0lf:  Discussed the art of combining java applets, batch files, and vbscripts to drop an executable. (Ghetto Patching)
  • Will:  Demonstrated Mindwave Mobile product by blowing up zombies with his mind!!!    (
  • Prez_3:  Discussed mobile app failures and mobile fuzzing techniques.
  • Vesh: Discussed dumping Android Process specific memory by modifying LiME.  (Droid Dumper)
  • Scriptjunkie:  Presented findings during WinNT/Exforel.A analysis and a method for probing for infected systems.