Saturday, Nov 4th, 2017
Happy 10th Berfday
by Angelo Plus+

That’s right, we are ten years old. Still at Geekdom, still at the Events Centre, still the 6th at 6:30PM of every month.

Saturday, Sep 5th, 2015
echo SAHA! |
by Angelo Plus+

So we packed the house for the Hackers screening, The only reason there were two seats left was because 2 people got the night screwed up. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Friday, Mar 15th, 2013
And there was cake
by Angelo Plus+

3/6/2013 – Red brings cake, thus ending the cakeless era and causing many Portal discussions.

Sunday, Jan 27th, 2013
The Great Pizza Debacle
by Angelo Plus+

Vesh got jacked for 8 pizzas and four 2 liters, damn Dominoes on 9 January, 2013. Much anger ensued.