Monday, Feb 11th, 2013
Fetching & Phishing
by Iv0ryW0lf

After reviewing multiple spam folders and a “catch-all” email address (251K emails), I needed to clean up the server and wanted to review the spam emails.¬† (Fetching & Phishing) A quick update…If you want to target a specific folder on the mail server, make sure you use the following options: –folder inbox.spam –folder inbox.trash –folder […]

Thursday, Feb 7th, 2013
TOR + Freenode
by Angelo Plus+

Yesterday I did a demo of some code using SASL+TOR to get onto freenode anonymously and then do some C2. PDF of presentation is attached. TOR+Freenode

Sunday, Jan 27th, 2013
Android Memory Dumping
by Angelo Plus+

Here is the presentation I did on some modifications I made to the LiME project’s source code to accommodate dumping memory for RE purposes.¬†DroidDumper

Saturday, Jan 12th, 2013
Ghetto Patching
by Iv0ryW0lf

Proof of concept to only use the techniques used in the original java applet to drop and executable instead of download one.  (Ghetto Patching)