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Thursday, Jul 10th, 2014
meanwhile…on SAHA!
by Angelo Plus+

scriptjunkie presented a 0 day in a popular piece of software sam S. presented on a linux variant for Mimikatz vesh presented on process injection brownbear showed off his raspi wap platform

Thursday, Apr 10th, 2014

cruxpot talked about an open source effort, integrating the mighty scriptjunkie’s ambush project, into another platform (details forthcoming, stay tuned) vesh demoed some emulated+arm+freebsd nonsense, seriously f*** that guy he totally sucks, but if you need an arm-freebsd shellcode engine, holla

Thursday, Mar 27th, 2014 NOTE: mitigate means to lessen or make less severe, not solve or completely get rid of. Please, see the definition at the top of the post.

Thursday, Jan 30th, 2014

Be there by 7 if you are a participant, or any time between 0800 and 2000 if you just want to see us working.

Thursday, Dec 12th, 2013
previously…on SAHA!
by Angelo Plus+

We had presentations from Nick, Hulse, vesh, and Boyd…plus CodeUp was kind enough to sponsor our food for the evening.

Wednesday, Sep 18th, 2013
Tini.exe Challenge
by Iv0ryW0lf

I know I’m slow…but that can be good in certain quests.¬† I would recommend the following to accomplish this challenge. Windows VM via Virtual Box or VM Player/Workstation Ollydbg or ImmunityDBG (IDA Free is an overkill) Favorite programming/scripting language (Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, whatever++) The challenge is to download this file >¬†tini.dat < and make […]

Friday, Aug 9th, 2013

For those who read the announcements, the good folks in Dallas and Houston are trying to bring together their people to coordinate DAHA! and HAHA!. If you are moving or live in either area, get on the AHA! and SAHA! lists (the Austin list is prolly a better bet since it has more people in […]

Sunday, Jul 7th, 2013
DEFCON and Blackhat
by Angelo Plus+

Since a good portion of us will be in Vegas for the conferences, and there is a dearth of after-hours activities at DEFCON, we may schedule a small shindig…stay tuned

Friday, Jun 7th, 2013

Compilation/Debug Cheatsheet for Cygwin (put the NDK and SDK in your Cygwin home dir) Note for all: Additional include dirs, and libs may be required for compilation depending on the functionality you want to add for x86: client> g++.exe -fno-stack-protector -ggdb -static file.c -o file.exe client> gcc.exe -fno-stack-protector -ggdb -static file.c -o file.exe for x64: […]

Wednesday, Apr 17th, 2013
by Angelo Plus+

David’s presentation on SCADA systems Scada Systems